Frequently Asked Questions

Top Frequently Asked Questions

1How Would You Describe Your Food Products?


2Why Should I Buy ?

Great Taste That Reflects Your Good Taste !

3How Many Individual Products Are In “The Mystery Box”?

Typically 3; Weighing About 5 Pounds

4Why Create “Mystery” In Not Identifying Specific Products?

Who Doesn't Like A SURPRISE

5Does Your Glass Packaging Meet USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Standards.?


6What Kinds Of Products Can I Look Forward To Receiving In My Monthly “Mystery Subscription Box” ?

Home Style Baking Mixes; Old Fashion Candy; Cowboy Style Chili Starters;
Exotic Tropical Fruit Chutney; Unique Cocktail Mixes; Organic Meat Glazes;
Arizona Desert Flower Honey; California Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Fresh From The Farm Pickled Vegetables;
Five Star Restaurant Caliber Salad Dressings; TEX-MEX Style Salsas; Sensational Sauces;
International Award & Award Caliber Seasonings; Healthy Snack Foods; Sensational Spreads;
Speciality Syrups; All Occasion Toppings; Celebrity Chef Preferred Vinegars

Plus Many Others - Insufficient Room To List All

7What Determines LIMITED QUANTITY Availability?

The Culinary Artisan’s Manufacturing Facility Monthly Capacity.

The Number Varies With Each Manufacturer. All Units Are Handcrafted & INFUSED WITH LOVE !

8How Can I Insure My Order IS Among The Monthly Limited Production?

Don’t Procrastinate ! Order NOW !

9Are Products In “The Mystery Box” Ever Sold Individually?


10Will The Three Products I Receive In “The Mystery Box” Be Offered Again?

It is possible; contingent upon manufacturer availability & customer product reviews.

11Is my purchase made in local foreign currency paid to you in US Dollars.

Yes. does that at your time of payment per the prevailing exchange rate.

12Are The Products 100% Natural


13Are The Products Non Genetically Modified?


14Is The Product Packaging Tamper Evident?


15Does The Food Packaging Contain Nutrition Facts & Product Ingredients Information?


16Is Unopened Shelf Life Noted On The Package?


17What Is The Typical Unopened Product Shelf Life?

2-3 Years

18Do Some Products Require Refrigeration After Opening?


19Where Is The Refrigeration Requirement Listed?

On The Package Label

20Do The Products Provide An Allergen Statement?

YES in cases where products contain major known allergy causing ingredients; as well as MANUFACTURING FACILITIES wherein major known allergy causing ingredients are in use.

21Where Is That Allergen Statement Located?

On The Product Label

22Does The Product Label/Container Have A “Best By Date”?


23Does The Product Label/Container Have “ Manufacturing Batch Identification?


24Do You Have A FREE Periodic Recipe Newsletter


25Is It Opt-in & Opt-out?


26Do You SPAM?


27What Is “The Purchase Window” For Each Monthly “Mystery Box” Offer?

Day 1 To Day 30

28When Can I Expect Delivery?

Within 30 to 60 Days After The Close Of The Monthly Offer.
This could be as much as but not exceed 90 days. Our Business Model is Pre Order - Pre Pay - Manufacture To Order in the same way you Pre Order - Pre Pay The Next Version Of Your Smartphone.
I do everything I possibly can to shorten the delivery time while strictly maintaining The Highest Quality Standards. I will make every effort to keep you in the information loop as your order progresses to completion and delivery.
I advise you to place your order early in the month. It will benefit your Order To Delivery Time.
If our projected delivery time is unsatisfactory; I would prefer you not place an order rather than you becoming unhappy with our service. Please take into consideration the Order To Delivery Time when purchasing Gifts Requiring Being delivered by A Specific Date Such as Birthday and Christmas Gifts.
Thank You For Your Understanding.
Chef Rod & Lola

29What Happens In That 30-60 Days?

Funds Transfer - Products Made - Box Assembled - Shipping

30Who Is Your Strategic Partner For International Shipping?


31Who Is Your Shipping Partner Within The USA?

USPS Priority Mail & UPS Ground

32Do You Notify Me When The Mystery Box Is Ready To Ship?


33When Can I Expect Delivery After It Is Shipped?

Within 10 Calendar Days.

34Where Are Products Shipped From?

3rd. Party Fulfillment Centers Located In Major Domestic Metrocenters.

35Do You Offer “FREE” Worldwide Shipping & Handling?

Despite Numerous Merchants Advertising “Free” Shipping; It Is NOT FREE ! I Am Not Going To Insult Your Intelligence In Leading You To Believe It Is “Free”. The Merchant Determines The Price Of Shipping For The Furthest Distance From Their Fulfillment Center And Adds That On To The Real Product Price. All Customers End Up Paying The Furthest Distance Price Regardless Of Their Location.
I Would Prefer To Lose A Customer Over The Cost Of Shipping Rather Than Lose A Customer On Being Perceived As Not Transparent And Not Trustworthy.
What I Do Offer In The Way Of Shipping & Handling Is COST SAVING VOLUME Pricing Based On My Fulfillment Center Having Negotiated Prices With All The Major Small Parcel Carriers. This VOLUME PRICE Is Passed On To Me And In Turn Passed On to YOU ! I Do Not Make A Penny On Shipping & Handling; While Other Merchants Make It A Profit Center.

36Why Pre-pay?

Advertising Money Saved Assures Quality Ingredients In Spite Of Price Fluctuations

37What is the name of your Payment Solution Partner?

Major International Debit And Credit Card Partner: https://www.shopify.com/ Alipay, Wechat Pay And Union Bank Partner: https://www.citcon.com/

38What Are My Payment Options?


39Who Is Responsible For The Payment Of Import Customs Duties?

The Recipient Of The Package Is Responsible For Any And All Customs Duties Upon The Package Landing.
Publicly Posted Customs Duties Often Change. The Subscription Purchaser Is Best Advised To Determine Current Custom Duties With The Customs Officials In The Package Recipient's Country.
The Customs Category Would Be: “Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants.”

40Whom Do I Contact Concerning A Customer Service Issue?

Chef Rod - Owner/Founder - chefrod@americasbestgourmetgifts.com - WECHAT: chefrodvalentine

41Do You Delete, Edit Or In Any Manner Financially Reward Customer Reviews On Your Website?

NO. I Do Encourage Customer Reviews. However; What Is Submitted; Is What You See. I Pursue Transparency And Customer-Merchant Two Way Dialog; For A GOLD STANDARD QUALITY Customer Experience.

42Why Offer The Baker’s Dozen Subscription Plan?

First recorded in 1590-1600 The Term Comes From The Bakers' Former Practice Of Giving Thirteen Rolls Where Twelve Were Requested; To Protect Themselves Against Accusations Of Giving Light Weight.
Today; “Baker’s Dozen” Is To Used To Describe The Practice Of Having To Pay For 12 Items And Receiving The 13th Item FREE.
My Baker’s Dozen Plan Helps You Save Money When Shopping For A Large Holiday Gift List, Corporate Gifts And Sales Rewards Etc. Etc.

43How Do I Determine Prices In My Country's Currency?

See The Currency Converter On The Order Page And The Shipping-Handling Page.

44What Is A H.S. Tariff Classification Number?

A H.S. Tariff Classification Number is a 10 digit number that must be provided on import documentation in order to communicate what is the good that is being Imported. Theoretically, every type of good is covered by the H.S. Tariff Classification Numbers and each good can be matched with a number.

45What Number(s) Might I Expect To Be Used For Classifying My Purchase?

Possibilities May Include:
2103 90 72 00
09901 21 00

46What is required for providing a SHIP FROM & SHIP TO Address for DHL International Compliance.

The addresses must be in an ABC Alphabet; ENGLISH Being an Example.

47What gift occasions might be suitable for subscribing to your program?

You deserve a “Self Indulgence” which should rank #1:) :)
Beyond that your imagination is your only limitation. I will try to list a few that quickly come to mind.
Christmas Gifts - Hanukkah Gifts - Kwanzaa Gifts - Corporate Gifts Chinese New Year/Spring Festival Gifts - Housewarming Gifts Birthday Gifts - Graduation Gifts - Wedding Gifts - Teacher Gifts Anniversary Gifts - Mother’s Day Gifts - Father’s Day Gifts Engagement Gifts - Hostess Gifts - “Administrative Assistant” Gifts Grandparent’s Day Gifts - Get Well Gifts - Job Promotion Gifts Valentine’s Day Gifts - “Just Because Gifts” - Sympathy Gifts “Thank You/Appreciation Gifts” (Mail - BabySit - Barber/Salon - Door Man - Landscape - Pool Etc.)

48Does Your Software Allow Me To Select Multiple Shipping Locations?


49Does Your Software Allow Me To Include A Gift Message With My Gift Purchase Selection?