What are the possible products you are about to discover in Your Monthly “Mystery” Subscription Boxes?

Here is a “Peek”/Examples of what you can expect without Dampening The EXCITEMENT and FUN of receiving A “Mystery Gift”.

These are some of My Products available under Previous Brands.

Going Forward these and other products will be Branded “America’s Best Gourmet Gifts”.


Our New Luxury Packaging 


My International Award Winning Jerk Seasoning and My Beer & Pineapple Wing-Grill Sauce were “Showcased” at the Taiwan Ambassador Hotel Chain in cooperation with a United States Department Of Agriculture Trade Mission.

A USA Multi Time James Beard Award Winning Chef created “A Signature Dish” for each product.  The Hotel’s Chefs were taught to duplicate The Recipe.  

The other United States Companies participating in “The Showcase” were both Boutique Companies like mine; as well as FORTUNE 500 Companies.

The Public and The Media were invited to “A Grand Tasting”.

The Feedback from The Public, The Media, The Ambassador Hotel Staff and USA Chef was my products were “AWESOME” !


My High Quality Products Are Showcased In High Quality LUXURY Product Packaging.

I have chosen to be a bit unconventional in choosing a Jar Instead of A Bottle for Products Like Sauces, Marinades, Salad Dressings Etc.  

I think you will come to favor the advantage of directly dipping a basting brush in the jar as well ONE LESS ITEM TO WASH :) :)    

Read about the Fascinating History Of This Homegrown American Company. Google  Ball Mason Jar History; as well as MASON JAR to find numerous articles.   Additionally, check out Mason Jar on Wikipedia's Website.  ENJOY !   


Consumer Quotations

Papaya Chutney:  

… “cannot be defined as delicious, but more like a sensation of heavenly delight, perfection in a jar with the right balance of sweet, hot and spicy.”

Kashi Yamashita - Oakland, California USA

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly

Stuffed Chicken Breast

“I am not a cook nor do I like very spicy foods but I decided to give it a try and was amazed at the sweet yet not overbearing results!”  

Morgan Macgregor - Fort Worth, Texas USA

Tomato Jam:

Tomato Jam Rum Glaze

“I have plenty of Rum and actually tried this on a steak.  Wanted something different.  The Tomato Jam with the Rum was a nice Picker Upper.  I will share this with others.”

Kathryn Davis Wolfe - Manchester, Missouri USA   

Mango Chutney:

“ Are you going to be developing other products?  I hope that you will and make sure they get on the shelves here in St. Louis.”

Laura E. Graham - St. Louis, Missouri USA   

Note From Chef Rod:

I am particularly proud of The Two Testimonials From Missouri; as Missouri is often referred to as “The Show Me State”.  

 America’s Iconic Mason Jar:

Grandma’s Black-Eyed Pea Relish https://americasbestgourmetgifts.com/blogs/recipes