VIP Bean Counter “Refer- A Friend” Rewards Club

Earn A FREE Extra Month Subscription !

Purchase A Subscription & Refer A Friend To Purchase A Subscription

I had been considering what to name The Rewards Program I was planing; when I came across an article on The Internet. It explained that Early Civilizations often used some local food product as a form of currency. The article mentioned Cocoa Beans and Coffee Beans. That is when I Had my “Ah Ah Moment !” COFFEE BEANS !!!

Next came the task of structuring The VIP Program. Lola and I watch television in the evening and we kept seeing an advertisement for a very exclusive and high end Collection Of Cosmetics by some Famous French Designer (I am sure you ladies would recognize the name) that was featuring A FREE BONUS GIFT if you purchased The Cosmetic Collection. The FREE BONUS GIFT was a large carry over the shoulder “Weekend Getaway” Bag. The final scene in the advertisement was an attractive young lady and handsome young man driving away in a Fire Engine Red Mercedes Convertible.

Lola “barked saying we should do something like this” :) :) Here is what she decided. You can earn a FREE Additional Month ($104.00 US VALUE Cost Of Shipping Not Included) to your existing subscription by accumulating 1,000 BEANS/Points each BEAN Representing $1.00 US. HERE IS HOW !

You Receive:

  • 5 BONUS Beans for your Subscription Purchase In 9 Minutes Of Website Landing +
  • 13 Beans if your friend purchases a “Baker’s Dozen” Subscription
  • 13 Beans if your friend purchases a “Corporate Gift” Subscription
  • 6 Beans if your friend purchases a 6 Month Subscription
  • 1 Bean if your friend purchases a 1 Month Subscription

Your Friend Receives:

  • 5 BONUS Beans for his/her Subscription Purchase in 9 Minutes Of Website Landing